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Repair shop

First impression..

Basically you can walk in whenever you want. We will briefly try to see if we can make an initial assessment of the problem at the counter and discuss the possible scenarios with you. If possible we will also provide an estimate of the costs.

This phase is free of charge and without obligation.


If a follow-up is desired from the 'first impression', we will take the equipment and carry out a detailed diagnosis.

The costs for such a diagnosis are 39 euros incl. VAT .

It is possible that the original problem will also be solved during this investigation. In that case, the final repair amount remains  39 euros incl. VAT. 

You will receive an intake form on which an indication is also given when work will be carried out on your device.

(Although we will try to stick to this indication date as much as possible, no rights can be derived from this.)

Repair phase..

If the solution to the problem is not found within the 'Diagnosis Phase', we will contact you to discuss further repair with you. The final cost of labor is calculated on the basis of the following scale:

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