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€15.00 incl. VAT​

€1.00 incl. VAT / minute

When calculating the amount of time, processes that may take a lot of time (e.g. malware control), but which do not require the (full) attention of our employee, are taken into account. In such a situation, we will discuss with the customer how we can make the work as pleasant and efficient as possible for both parties and will reasonably deduct the time required for fully automated processes when determining the final invoice amount.

We are happy to help you quickly with all kinds of computer problems. Removing Malware/viruses, (hardware) upgrades and making new equipment completely operational. At our store, but also at your location!!

We'll get you back on track

Determining the costs for repairs is often tailor-made. In any case, you can assume that we will not charge higher costs than you agreed to.

Research costs/30 minute rate

Initially, a 'brief look' at the counter is without obligation and free of charge. Please note that if we actually attempt to repair/troubleshoot at the counter, costs may be charged.

If a collection takes place after which investigation/repair work takes place, € 39.00 incl. VAT will be charged for this.

Even if repairs are canceled later in the process, € 39.00 will be charged in this case.

We'll get you back on track

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